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What is Onsitecv?

Onsitecv is your one stop destination for finding desired overseas jobs by letting your profile made available for the right opportunities .

Who needs Onsitecv?

Job seekers who are looking for a job at desired overseas location and employers looking for right resources. For job seekers their profile is listed to be viewed by the companies looking for skill sets similar to their requirements. Only paid profiles get a chance to be contacted by companies and unpaid members profiles are partially visible to companies but companies can not contact them as contact information is disabled.

Why I do not get contacted by companies even though many view my profile?

There are two main reasons. One of them is that your profile is not premium which means its not a paid profile, so when companies search for skills similar to yours they see your limited profile with your contact information disabled. To activate your premium profile click here

The other reason could be that you do not meet their complete skill requirements.

For employers, we are providing you huge saving when it comes to posting jobs. Why pay hundreds of dollars to list a job when you can easily do it here on Onsitecv for free.

Are you selling my information?

Absolutely NOT! We are here to help you find jobs. We are not in this business to sell anyones information. We are trying to make your life easier by easily finding new jobs in your desired overseas location for better career.

Do I get refund if I do not get desired results?

We do not offer any refunds because when we receive your payment we place and list your profile right away.

For more information read our ToS .

What is the duration for which you provide services when I register with you?

The minimum service period is 30 days and 60 days depending upon the plan you have opted for. We would continuously keep in touch with you during this time after which you need to extend the service by paying monthly subscription fee as per your desired overseas location.

Can it be possible to float 2 resumes at a time?

You can always do it. However, you need to register twice.

Can I transfer my registration to another premium profile after some time? Say after not getting favorable reply from existing plan opted?

Your service is non-transferable. Therefore, we do not accept requests for transfer of your application from one plan to the other. Nevertheless, you can go for higher premium plan.

What is the cost?

We offer Three Premium membership plans. Our Overseas membership plan will provide you with 30 views per month and there are 12 countries available in this plan. Second option World Zone membership plan will provide you with 30 views per month but expands your choice of countries to 20 and which has a choice of first world nation. Our Global Success membership plan will provide you with 85 views and expands your choice of countries to 25, it is valid for 60 days and has first world nations such as USA, Australia, Canada, Singapore and the maximum number of European Countries such as Germany, Denmark, Switzerland etc. Additionally in Global Success plan, your profile will be visible to companies in highlighted block box for 60 days which shoots up the chances of you being recruited.

I am just a high school graduate, can I still apply to work abroad?

A simple graduation should not be seen as a barrier to succeeding in life. However it is a stepping stone to venture into other careers where a college diploma is not necessary. All you need is a proper training and its certificate and related work experience. You still stand a chance even if you don't have a college diploma. You'll be surprised to know that many of the successful ones placed onsite in multiple countries had limited education.

I am still pursuing my degree, can I apply?

Freshers are recommended to register 3-6 months before the completion of degree for successful on time placement.

I'm already working abroad, but I want to move in another country, what will I do?

You will have to register at Onsitecv, choose the plan in which your desired country is available. After that upload the required documents.

What is skilled immigration and job seeker visa?

Skilled immigration and job seeker visa are both points based. Most people below the age of 51 years old, 2+ years of work experience & good English are eligible for this. It is the most popular and easiest way of settling abroad. Such visas are converted to PR (permanent residency) and citizenship.

Can you help me in migrating/migration/ immigration after my selection?

Sure we can. We will send you the list of documents required by the consulate and after completing the documents, we begin the actual visa processing service.

What are the requirements in working abroad?

Requirements depend on the employer. If you are already registered with Onsitecv, we will tell you what documents you need to submit after your interview.

What form of payment do you take?

We accept all major credit cards including Paypal.

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